Beard and moustache styles for round face. Executive Shaving beard & moustache care kit

Executive Shaving Patchouli &, Sandalwood Beard Oil - tease through the whiskers then brush to nourish and moisturise Beard and moustache styles.

Executive Shaving Beard Wash with Anti Frizz Agents -

The Dapper Gent Vanillawood Moustache Wax - tease through the whiskers then brush or comb for desired look

German made Pearwood Beard Brush - use to style and groom

New beard and moustache styles

Moustache Comb - use to style and groom

Extremely well thought out and well priced too. The beard oil is without doubt the best I have ever used, its subtle scent is a sure winner. The brush is not too big like some while the beard wash does what its says - it reduces frizz very well indeed. The small comb is too finely toothed for my large beard but for neat little beards &, moustaches it would be OK. I will buy the oil, wash and brush again without hesitation. A great buy.

I agree with everything the previous reviewer says, especially the beard wash and beard oil - both are wonderfully good at taming my straggly beard which is long but not thick with hair. Great kit!!

Beard and moustache styles 2014

Truly worthwhile, as mentioned by a previous reviewer the beard oil is simply awesome, wonderfully scented and it does as it claims reduce frizz. The comb is too small for me but the brush is good. Would I recommend it - YES.

The beard oil is the best I have ever used, the frizz treatment too is very good, I use it every other day and it has helped my beard look better. The small comb is a waste of time, too small 1 mark deducted. The beard brush however is good.

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List of beard and mustache styles

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