Most popular facial hair styles 2013. Beard Styles Trends which you should try

You have to understand that there a lot of factors that need to considered to find your correct beard style. What looks good on others may not look the same on you. Here are some beard trends you must follow in 2017: Most popular beard styles.

1. Balbo

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It&rsquo,s one of the most popular beard styles nowadays. Robert Downey Jr. aka Iron Man has maintained the Balbo look for years and it suits him pretty well. It is appropriate for people with narrow chins.

2. Bandholz

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You may get lots of negative comments while trying to grow this. You may have to use various beard oils, washes and softeners to achieve success. It's for you if you have triangle, inverted triangle, oblong, oval or diamond shaped face.

3. Clean Shave

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Most people would rather not grow beard as their face looks clean and tidy. It will never be out of trend, not at least in the corporate world. According to a survey, women prefer men who shave. Bonus &ndash, this suits all faces

Most popular beard styles 2012

4. Circle Beard

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The &ldquo,standard&rdquo, beard style is combination of moustache and rounded goatee beard. It looks tidy and is hence a good option. It is preferable for oval and round shape faces.

5. Mutton Chops

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It is also referred to as sideburns or side whiskers. It is basically for circular or square shaped faces. Shave the hair on your chin until the lower lip area and keep the sideburns growing until they become fluffy.

6. Full Beard

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This is manliest and most preferred beard style. Well groomed full beard is really attractive. Let your beard grow is the motto. Suits diamond, triangle or inverted triangle shaped faces.

Most popular facial hair styles

7. Garibadli

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It's a bit shorter than Bandholz and hence you need to trim it once in a while. It takes patience and you need to hear harsh words from everyone. Oval or rectangular shaped faces, grab this treat.

8. Imperial

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It&rsquo,s a moustache style. You can incorporate this with your sideburns or chin beards. Keep the beard simpler to make the imperial the highlight of your face. Strong rectangular or oblong shaped faces can add up the charm.

9. Short Stubble

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This one suits everyone. Bingo, you can easily maintain it and it looks manly and yet doesn't make you look untidy. Trim your beard to a short length and shave it habitually. You can also grow it into medium or long stubble.

Most popular beard styles 2014

10. Van Dyke

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It&rsquo,s a mixture of goatee and a moustache. It&rsquo,s best for people with narrow chin. Shave all the hair on neck, cheek and sideburns. You need to shape your beard on the chin in a shape of inverted T and let it grow until it reaches 2 inches, also trim sometimes to achieve the V shape.

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