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The VS For Men range of personal groomers and facial hair trimmers have been specifically designed for precise trimming and grooming of short shadow stubble, longer designer stubble effect, beard, moustache, sideburns, ears, nose and eyebrow hair. Beard and moustache styles.

It is important to select the correct product for your specific needs when grooming and trimming facial hair. There are so many products available which can all offer a combination of benefits, however it is about knowing the specific look you are after.

A popular and most recent trend in men's grooming is the designer stubble look - a well groomed light hint of facial hair. The designer stubble look is a rugged way to add interest to a man's face without sporting a full beard - it can help make a man's face look romantic, sophisticated, cool rugged or even refined, depending on which way to wear it. It is one of the lasting hints of facial hair trends that works for so many different men.

A key to maintaining this look requires regular grooming with correct facial grooming tools to ensure you don't get a patchy or uneven appearance. It is recommended to shave every couple of days to keep your shadow effect from sprouting into a full beard. The key to staying trimmed is to pay attention to how fast your facial hair grows. The faster you can grow a beard, the quicker you'll need to be to keep up with your stubble to ensure it stays shaped - designer stubble is an ongoing process of upkeep, so you can't just shape it and leave it.

Stubble trimmers are specially designed to give you everyday stubble control. Now you can maintain a short, shadow stubble effect or a more rugged look with effortless ease. State of the art technology provides stubble trimmers with a combination of style and precision with an advanced all-in-one motorised design enabling you to achieve the stubble length you want with with numerous precision cutting length settings. Products may also include foil shaver attachments to help you create a clean, sharp edge to your stubble, especially around the neck area.

Sideburns, moustaches, beards, sideburns and goatees are a great way to add additional feature and interest to a man's face. Depending on the shape and dimension of your face, you can grow and maintain a beard, moustache and goatee using any number of products from the VS For Men range.

Sideburns are not restricted to any length or shape and can be done in any different style. Sideburns can be worn and grown in combination with other facial hair, such as a moustache or goatee. Sideburns can extend down the length of the face, or can be of a short stubble look to slightly increase the hairline on the sides of the face. It is most important to ensure that when creating sideburns, both sides of the face are even, otherwise it can create an unbalance on the face and make your face look very uneven.

Different sideburn styles can be achieved such as:

&bull, Short sideburn - this sideburn look is approx. 2 to 3cm in width and extends about 2 to 3cm from the end of the hair line, across the sides of the face.

&bull, Long sideburn - the long sideburn look is approx 2 to 3cm in width and extends about 5cm from the end of the hair line, usually in line with the bottom of the ear.

Beard and moustache styles for round face

&bull, L-shaped sideburn - the L-shaped sideburn look appears just like its name - it is trimmed into an L shape. The length of the L is approx 2 to 3cm in width and the base of the L is also 2 to 3cm in width. The base of the L usually stretches about 4 to 5cm across the length of the face.

&bull, Foot-shaped sideburn - the foot-shaped sideburn also appears just like its name - it is trimmed in the shape of a lower leg and foot. The shape is not as defined as the L-shaped sideburn, it is usually trimmed less intricately and makes the face look very casual.

&bull, Mutton-chop sideburn - the mutton-chop sideburn look is named for its mutton-shape as it extends down to the corner of the mouth. This sideburn look can be trimmed and combined with a moustache to have be a &lsquo,friendly mutton-chop', or it can simply be a basic mutton-chop look without the moustache.

Moustaches are most common among men and there are a variety of different moustache styles that can be achieved using personal groomers and facial hair trimmers. One such moustache style that is most commonly remembered is the &lsquo,handlebar moustache'. This moustache style is usually trimmed quite thin, but quite long at the sides and flicked at the ends using wax. Handlebar moustaches can also be quite thin and trimmed, but appear vertically to the face, much like an upside down U shape.

When considering a moustache, it is most important to use the correct styling tools and to access if the moustache style you are wanting will compliment your facial features. The general rule is that men with smaller, slimmer facial features should have a moustache that is quite thin and well men that have larger, wider facial features, then a moustache with a fuller look would suit much better. Be sure to create a good balance between your facial features and moustache, so that it is not too overpowering. There should be a good balance between the shape of your mouth, your nose and the shape of your face.

For men who can carry a beard, the full beard is the best way to go. Before deciding on a beard, be sure that your facial shape can carry the beard. If you have a round face with full head hair, then a full beard could make your face look &lsquo,squashed' and could create an unbalance between your eyes, nose and mouth. The key is balance. Always make sure your facial hair balances with your facial features.

Growing a beard does take time and you'll need the correct styling tools to maintain your look. We recommend stubble trimmers as the perfect tools for maintaining a full beard look.

Goatees (the bearded part of the chin only) can be grown in many different combinations, with or without moustaches, with or without sideburns or with or without a half bearded look:

&bull, Goatee and moustache - this look can combine a short, well groomed moustache (curved at the sides) and short, well groomed goatee (only on the chin). Perfect for men with a square and oval shaped face.

Handlebar moustache and beard styles

&bull, Extended goatee - this look is usually a combined moustache and goatee. The moustache is curved at the sides, short and well groomed, whilst the goatee is also short and well groomed, but stretches across the full length of the face. Perfect for men with a round and oval shaped face.

&bull, Chin strip goatee - the chin strip goatee is usually a look suitable for all types of face shapes, except for long faces. The chin strip is quite a thin section of hair in the middle of the chin - it often makes the chin area look quite long, so be sure you have the correct face shape to carry this type of look.

&bull, Chin strip and moustache - this look combines the moustache and goatee, however the moustache is shaped much like a handlebar (with flicked ends) and the goatee is a quite a thin section in the middle of the chin.

&bull, Soul patch - the soul patch goatee is quite similar to the chin strip goatee, a thin section of facial hair, however it is trimmed halfway down the chin - it does not stretch the full way across the lip and chin.

&bull, Chin curtain - a chin curtain look combines the sideburns of the face and goatee. The sideburns usually stretch down the full sides of the face and meet the chin with the goatee. This look is usually a thin strip across both sides of the face and chin - making it look much like a frame on the face.

For best results and maintenance of your moustache, beard and/or goatee, the facial hair should be slightly damp (never wet). If the hair is slightly damp it will prevent you from removing more facial hair than is desired. It also allows you to see exactly what you are trimming.

Some groomers and trimmers feature interchangeable length control attachment combs, allowing you to maintain your look at various cutting lengths. Remember to always use the longest setting first until you become familiar with the adjustments - you can always take more hair off later. Make sure that before trimming that you have combed the hair in the direction of growth, this helps to ensure that you are removing all of the hair correctly.

Using a styling tool to groom and trim eyebrows, nose and ear hair is the best way to remove all types of unwanted hair.

When trimming the eyebrows, the most important thing to remember is to take care that no trimmed hair falls into your eyes. First comb the eyebrow in the direction of the hair growth and attach the precision trimmer attachment. Begin trimming from the centre of the eyebrow and work outwards using smooth even strokes. Never attempt to trim against the growth of the hair, because the hair will be cut too short.

Best beard and moustache styles

When trimming unwanted nose and ear hair, gently insert the rotary trimmer head into the nose and ear cavity. Move the product in a circular motion to trim the hair. It is important to only place the trimmer head into the entrance of the nose and ear. Using a trimmer deeper than this can cause injury.

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