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Musicians and facial hair go hand-in-hand. When they don't shave, it seems to give artists that extra edge.

It has worked for guitarist-vocalist Billy Gibbons and bassist Dusty Hill of ZZ Top for decades. Surprisingly, the trio's drummer, Frank Beard, only goes as far as a mustache and accompanying soul patch.

In celebration of the band with the world's most famous beards, here's a list of other facially carpeted dudes you just might recognize.


Front men such as Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones and the late Elvis Presley are mainly seen clean-shaven. However, if you dip back into their history you can find that these rock and roll gods sported some scruff. Jagger had a chin-strap beard (no mustache) for his 1970 film debut "Ned Kelly." Jagger also grew a full-on grizzly beard while living in Paris after the Stones' "Some Girls" album and tour in 1979.

(Credit: AP, Moviestore Collection / Rex Feat)

Elvis Presley grew a beard for the role of Jess Wade in the 1969 western film, "Charro!"

Most famous beard styles


(Credit: Getty Images / Astrid Stawiarz)

Ah, there's nothing like a European bloke to turn on the charm with his light eyes and amber beard that evokes a pint of Killian's! The two men who have cornered the market on this look are Glen Hansard and Ed Sheeran (pictured), whose appearances match their soulful singing.

(Credit: Getty Images / Mark Metcalfe)

Red-bearded Glen Hansard of The Swell Season in 2010.


(Credit: Getty Images / Ethan Miller)

Nothing says metal like an intimidating beard to go with your brutal tunes. Scott Ian of Anthrax (pictured) leads the pack with his sometimes multicolored chin beard, while Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society, Rob Zombie and the late Dimebag Daryl Abbott follow suit with their own beards of rage.


Typically you have to be a sex symbol to pull off the close shaved beard -- think George Michael, Lenny Kravitz (pictured) and Prince. These beards add a tinge of wildness to a handsome guy, but are so well-trimmed it borders on metro-overgrooming.

An impeccably-groomed George Michael in 2012.


They say blood is thicker than water but you know what's thicker than blood? Hair. Just ask the brothers Gibb (the Bee Gees, pictured), Chris and Rich Robinson (the Black Crowes), the Wilson brothers (the Beach Boys) and Gregg and Duane Allman (the Allman Brothers Band). For these guys, it's the facial follicles that bind them.

Most famous beard styles


(Credit: Getty Images / Vince Bucci)

When it comes to going gray -- no one does it with as much style as Michael McDonald (pictured) of the Doobie Brothers or the late Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead. These two musical dukes are rarely seen without whiskers. In fact, as they got older, their distinguished salt-and-pepper beards turned Santa Claus white.

Jerry Garcia and his salt-and-pepper beard in 1979.


From "Let's Get It On" to "What's Going On," the late Marvin Gaye made the ladies swoon with his silky voice and sexy beard, which became part of his image in the early '70s. Today a man by the name of Ahmir- Khalib Thompson, better known as The Roots' drummer Questlove from the "Tonight Show," carries on the tradition, but instead of singing he plays funky beats.


(Credit: AP / Robin Weiner, Getty Images / Carl De Souza)

Some guys have beards that come and go or perhaps take different shapes. Dave Grohl (pictured) of the Foo Fighters went from fresh face to goatee to full-blown beard. Don Henley of the Eagles did the reverse -- beard to clean-shaven to his current gray goatee. Long Island's own Billy Joel had an on-again ("Nylon Curtain," "We Are the World"-era) off-again beard ("Stormfront," "Innocent Man"-era). Today, the Piano Man has downsized to a simple snowy goatee.


Toward the end of their career, The Beatles grew an assortment of facial hair, while the Beach Boys (pictured) all wore beards back in the day. The Eagles were either bearded or mustachioed, sans baby-faced bassist Timothy B. Schmidt.


There are those rockers who are extra hairy looking as if an animal took shelter under their nose. Yes, we are talking about the late Jim Morrison (pictured) of the Doors, late Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham and current country cat Zac Brown.

(Credit: Getty Images / Ethan Miller)

Most famous beard styles

Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band does a pretty good grizzly.


Some singer-songwriters are so busy writing they don't have any time for grooming, so they go au natural. Guys like Pete Townshend of The Who, Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan (pictured) have this chic but shabby look.


ZZ Top's Hill and Gibbons reign supreme, but they are rivaled by Leon Russell (pictured), who evokes Gandalf from "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

(Credit: Getty Images / Kevin Winter)

Producer Rick Rubin, Long Beach's own, is so Zen he doesn't even bother trimming.

Additionally, the late Frank Zappa started the whole mustache and soul patch combo that remains fashionable today.

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