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Looking at yourself in the mirror and confused on what type of beard style you want to sport this season but aren't sure what a woman would think of it if she strikes a glance at you! Most common beard styles.

Here are some of the most common beard styles which actually tell you what others think of. Take a peek and you will be shocked.

Beard Style &ndash, For those of them sporting this type of beard feel that they look manly and geeky. But according to others, mostly women they think that guys with a full beard style to be lazy and unhygienic. If you notice, it is only guys who are unemployed who will sport this full beard style.

2.Goatee &ndash, Looks hot and happening! It was one of the best fashion trends that almost every guy was flaunting in. It still is one of the best way in looking stylish but according to women they feel that guys who sport the goatee beard have a pious outlook to everything and therefore there are chances of women staying away from these type of men too!

Most popular beard and mustache styles

3.Mutton Chops &ndash, Lovely and very attractive is what define a mutton chop beard style for men. This is one beard style which actually gives a feeling you are an adventurous type of guy and game for anything that comes your way. Now, according to women on what they think of a mutton chop beard style is that the guy will have a personality to that of rock star and will most definitely have a rebellious attitude towards life.

4.Clean Shaved &ndash, Tall, dark and handsome men usually go in for this sophisticated clean shaved look. A guy who sports this clean shaved look thinks that women fall for it and indeed it is true. Ninety percent of women love to see a man who is clean shaved, smells great and looks smart!

soul patch -If you see a guy with a soul patch he indeed will have gorgeous looks! Most of the guys who sport this type of beard style are of the younger generation ( early 20 range). Women though are not that attracted to guys who sport a soul patch beard style!

Most popular beard and mustache styles

So, if you have one of these beards styles, you know now what the ladies are thinking about you!

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