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All the beard products in the world are completely useless unless you actually maintain your beard properly. Top beard styles.

You see, you could lather on a $25 beard oil or a high quality beard balm, but at the end of the day, if you don’,t use a beard comb –, your beard will look like a complete mess.

So why is a beard comb so important to maintaining a healthy and awesome looking beard?

I’,ll tell you in a bit, but first and foremost here are all beard combs reviewed and are conveniently linked to their product page for easy purchase:

The Roots of Proper Beard Maintenance

Regular combing of your beard helps stimulate your beard follicles so you can grow a killer beard yourself, and also of course make it appear both healthy and well maintained.

Even the type of comb, which I go over in detail in a section below, can have a huge impact on the health of your beard follicles.

For instance, cheap combs will literally tear your beard apart and do years of damage which will ultimately make your beard appear unkempt.

This is why choosing the right comb is so critical to your grooming toolkit and is most often overlooked by beardsmen everywhere.

Over Maintenance Can Be Damaging To Your Hair

When it comes to maintaining your beard properly, its important not to ‘,over maintain’, it.

Sure you might see product focused sites telling you to use copious amounts of beard oil or balm or whatever product it is.

Chances are that they are selling the product and want you to keep buying more.

When it comes to your beard, you don’,t want to over maintenance it, or else you will be wasting hard earned cash.

So for instance, with beard oil or balm, only use it once every couple of days.

Those products are used in a compliment to your natural sebum oil that your follicles are already producing.

Same thing goes for combing and/or brushing it.

Even if you get the absolute best beard comb on the planet, with excessive use, you will wear down your roots with pulling and eventually the follicle will fall out, or the shaft of the hair will become damaged.

Don’,t over do it when it comes to combing your beard –, comb it no more than 2 to 3 times a day max!

Understanding the Difference Between a Beard Comb and Brush

Their are stark differences when it comes to beard brushes and combs.

First off regarding the design, a high quality beard brush is composed of boars hair.

For some guys this may be off-putting at first, but there is a reason why boars hair is so prevalent when it comes to beard brushes.

Being that boars hair is a natural fiber, it has the ability to soak up oils (be it beard oil, beard balm, or your natural sebum oil produced by your sebaceous glands ). This allows you to have a even coat of oil along the length of your beard follicle.

Therefore for most men, the ultimate way to make sure their beard oil is evenly distributed is through the use of a boars hair beard brush.

Plus with the brush bristles being in uneven length, this allows for the bristles to get right at the root of your hair.

When using a beard brush, your beard is going to look much more fuller (i.e. natural and puffy).

This can be both a really good thing for some guys and also a really bad thing for others –, to each their own.

On the other hand with high quality beard combs, you have the very best in styling abilities that a beard brush simply cannot compete with.

With even spaced teeth in the comb along with all of them at the very same length, a beard comb gives you full control on how your beard is going to look for the remainder of the day.

Cool beard mustache styles

If you want to have absolute full control over your beard, its always best to pair a beard comb with a top notch beard balm.

You see beard balm, unlike beard oil, contains beeswax.

Beeswax, as you might have guessed it, has great holding ability –, plus its all natural (so no horribly abrasive chemicals on your face).

But unlike the brush, beard combs come in much harder surface materials (synthetic, bone, or wood).

Therefore, with such a hard surface, not much oil will be trapped to ensure an even distribution throughout your beard.

Spend ample amount of time ensuring that they spread in the oil thoroughly.

Use a beard brush in conjunction with their beard comb

Either option will work for guys everywhere, but its as straight forward of time savings vs cost.

Stamp/Press Cut vs Hand Cut –, Know Why They Differ

If you were like me a few months ago reaching for your wife’,s comb or a cheap drugstore comb and running that through your beard stop now.

Cheap combs are probably the worse thing you can do to your beard. Especially if you don’,t use a beard oil on a regular basis.

You see, cheap combs are stamped from large machines in a factory (likely from China).

When these cheap combs are mass produced, they create microscopic vicious jagged edges along each tooth of the comb.

With each stroke of the comb through your beard, it is literally tearing at the entire length of the follicle.

Eventually you tear your beard to shreds and give your beard an overall very poor appearance.

In addition to the shredding of your beard follicles, you are also going to be much more prone to split ends of the beard as well.

The horror of cheap combs doesn’,t end there!

They are also prone to producing static which can be a major pain in the neck when trying to comb your beard before you head out the door in the morning.

Last but not least, the cheap combs teeth are much more likely to break.

With each broken tooth on your comb you are only amplifying the damage to your beard.

For the combs that we are reviewing below, they are a world apart from your drugstore comb.

Some of the best beard combs are hand-cut and have each one of their teeth hand polished!

This greatly reduces the damage to your beard and will be the best way for you to maintain it in the long run.

How The Final Score Is Determined For Judging The Best Beard Comb

It’,s not easy trying to figure out the best beard comb for your beard maintenance repertoire.

Thats why here at Tools of Men, we have spent hours upon hours of research to give you the very best in information so you can make the right decision for yourself, and of course more importantly, your beard!

So how exactly was the final score determined?

Using our 5 category system, we break down each comb based on the following: general feel in hand (how cumbersome it would likely be in your hand), styling ability (do you have enough control), peer review (what we found to be the general consensus online), overall value (are you getting what you pay for).

Top 10 best beard styles

Kent Men’,s Handmade Comb, Set of 3

Kent combs are known as the gold standard when it comes to the best beard combs. While the competition is without a doubt tough when compared to the others listed in this review.

We found that hands down, the Kent handmade beard comb, is simply the best beard comb on the market.

With its hand polished finish and just the right balance of weight to size, this beard comb just simply ‘,feels right’, when placed into the palm of your hand.

This company has been around since 1777, yes you read that right.

Now, one thing reviewers will notice that this is a 3 pack that is getting reviewed and that might seem unfair to the others listed.

This was accounted in the overall value score of the product (while not a huge downfall).

To note: Having a variety of combs accessible for you is the proper way to go. This kit has a comb for your mustache, one for travel, and lastly one for your cabinet back home.

General Styling Ability

This gets high marks across the board for the ability to easily style your beard no matter if its.25″, or 5″,.

The teeth are evenly spaced out and glide effortlessly through your beard without the feel of any tugging or pulling.

Overall Take

This set of combs gives you the best styling control for your money. Recommend by the biggest and most influential beard enthusiasts everywhere Kent combs also get high praises when it comes to the peer score.

Another important note, Kent combs are made in U.K. unlike some of the other combs listed here that were made in China.

Our Rating

Pocket Size Buffalo Horn Beard Comb

A relative new comer to the beard comb market place, the Wild Wild West beard comb a comb made of both buffalo horn and Sandalwood.

Why would you be interested in using buffalo horn on your beard?

Much like both the wood and synthetic matieral combs that are hand cut, buffalo horn is terrific at preventing static from occuring when combing your hair.

This is critical when it comes to the very core purpose of any beard comb –, styling ability. I will touch on this a bit more below.

Regarding the actual size of this product, overall its much like the other wooden comb we reviewed by EQLEF (below). It’,s going to be about the same size as your standard pack of playing cards.

Unlike wood that may sometimes snag (should there be micro cracks from dropping or banging it up), buffalo horn wears nicely and will run through your beard smoothly.

General Styling Ability

This comb has a really sturdy feel too it and generally does feel pretty good in the palm of your hand.

However, the most common gripe that guys will have about this product is that its a bit on a smaller side (moreso functions as a pocket comb) and that the teeth are a bit more on the wider side.

Overall Take

This comb is a great intermediary beardsmen comb. Being made of buffalo horn, it should serve you well for a long time.

The largest drawback to the comb is both the price tag and the size of the comb. Coming in at about $30 (at the time of this review), its a bit on the higher side for most combs on the market.

When compared to the Kent comb we reviewed, we think you simply get a much better with Kents 3 combs compared to just this one.

Our Rating

Red Sandalwood Pocket Beard Comb by EQLEF®

This beard comb overall is a good entry level beard comb that offers two distinct distances between the teeth of the comb.

With its finer teeth (pictured left side), and wider teeth (pictured right side) will be able to suit most mens beards whether they are either on the thicker or thinner side.

One thing that we at Tools of Men really dug about this comb was that its made from wood.

Therefore the amount of damage that you will be doing to your beard follicles (as outlined how important this is above), is for the most part pretty minimal and forgiving.

Top 10 sexiest beard styles

But the wood benefits will last long into the life of the comb. You see the more you use this comb, unlike a plastic comb, the more softer the edges are going to naturally become.

Word of warning though –, suspect quality is surrounding this comb in regards to the reviews on Amazon. Folks have found that some splinters may show up between the teeth of the comb and it appears that this company ships their products directly from China.

General Styling Ability

One of the major drawbacks of this comb is that its relatively smaller –, 10cm x 5cm (roughly 4″, x 2″,). With such a smaller size, this would probably suffice better as a pocket comb over a full on styling comb.

Even so, with it being a pocket comb, it still is pretty chunky!

Its just about.5″, longer than your standard deck of cards.

How does this all relate to the general styling ability?

You see pocket combs are great when you need to clean up on the go, but if you are preparing your beard in the morning, pocket combs simply aren’,t the go to option since they are a bit more on the clumsy side when it comes to handling.

This puts this product in an awkward niche of not being the best pocket comb nor the best general comb for your beard –, therefore receiving generally negative styling ability scores.

Overall Take

While its awesome to pick up a wooden comb and use it on your beard, there are much better options out there, even if this is priced at a competitive sub $10 price tag.

Styling and handling issues aside, with this comb having suspect quality issues stemming from perhaps poor manufacturing it China, its probably safer to pick up an alternative comb reviewed.

Our Rating

Leven Rose Beard Comb

The teeth on this comb are WIDE!

That is both a good thing and a bad thing for guys. If you have a beard that is a bit on the shorter side, this comb is not for you.

With such wide teeth, you will not get much styling acheived with this comb.

On the flip side to that, if you have a much longer beard, this comb can work relatively well.

The size of the comb should be able to fit into the palm of your hand and can be considered a classic pocket comb.

Its important to note though, that some men may be turned off by the uneven depth between each one of the teeth on the comb.

Therefore this comb tends to cater to a very specific niche audience –, men with long beards, who want a pocket comb, and don’,t mind having a wooden comb.

Personally we at Tools of Men love

General Styling Ability

Our biggest and largely only gripe with is product is the spacing of the teeth.

It makes it too geared towards men with larger beards and really confines it from also being able to effectively comb your mustache as well. In fact for your mustache you would likely have to get a separate mustache comb to compliment this one.

With its streamline construction, this will fit well in your pocket for when you might need to do a bit of a midday clean up on your beard.

Overall Take

Personally we at Tools of Men love Leven Rose beard oil for its simplicity and effectiveness. However for this comb, we unfortunately can’,t give it high marks given its specific niche audience that its trying to serve.

There are simply much better combs out there on the market that you should check out and would be worth your money.

If you do decide to give this comb a try, based on other users feedback, Leven Rose customer service appears to be top notch. Therefore they should be able to handle any issues that you may have.

Our Rating

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