Beard trim types. How to trim a beard

There are many ways in which you could Trim a Beard as there are many styles and many types of Beard. We couldn&rsquo,t cover it all as much as we&rsquo,d love to but our writer would end up getting sores from sitting in his swively chair. It&rsquo,s for that reason (to save our writers arse) that we&rsquo,re going to concentrate on how to Trim beards in different ways. Today we&rsquo,ll be focusing on how to Trim your Beard short. There&rsquo,s every chance that in future weeks and months this post will be added to with different trimming styles and we&rsquo,ll be combining our little posts with helpful how to videos on Youtube. Anyhoo, shall we stop blabbering and get it on with it. So&hellip, to trim a beard&hellip,.short&hellip,. Trim beard styles.

5 reasons to trim a beard short

Long beards are great. They&rsquo,re the best type of beard and especially fantastic in the winter months. However, how long does your long shaggy man beard bug you in the summer. To the point when you&rsquo,re ready to cut it all off with the nearest sharp object and throw it in the bin right? right. It&rsquo,s time to trim that beard short.

You&rsquo,re a lumberjack and that&rsquo,s alright&hellip,it really is. You have a huge shagy beard and you go to work everyday, you&rsquo,re boss isn&rsquo,t bothered about your look. On the contrary, they find it charismatic and endearing. Life&rsquo,s good. Wait one minute&hellip, you&rsquo,re cutting trees near a primary school, you accidentally cut the wrong branch and it falls on several children injuring them horrifically. You&rsquo,re life as lumberjack is over. Not only is it now pointless to have a lumberjacks beard but you&rsquo,re going to have to trim it down nice and short for those job interviews you have to go for.

Beard grooming tips style

Firstly, click here to check out some of the best Beard trimmers available because you&rsquo,re going to need one if you want your Beard to look good when you&rsquo,re done.

Accompanying our how to Trim a Beard short post is a great video from The Art of Manliness in the good ole US of A. Enjoy&hellip,

Grooming beard styles

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