Good beard and mustache styles. 6 Most Popular Beard Types,

If you’re a fan of the beard you’ll be pleased to know that this versatile style doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for 2017. What we’re seeing now is such a diverse range of beards worn by men of all lifestyles, looks, and backgrounds. Here are some of the most popular beard styles of the moment and how you can achieve them for yourself. Most popular beard and mustache styles.

Stubble Beard

The aim of the stubble beard is to make it look as though it’s effortless but actually put in a fair amount of effort to achieve it. This requires a close shave in some areas and a trim in others, so it might need a few tools of the trade to get it right. However, it works for all occasions and can be dressed up or down so it’s truly versatile.

Partial Beard

The partial beard is usually a more modern way of describing the goatee or soul patch, but it’s a far more contemporary look. This refers to a beard that’s concentrated on the chin and mustache without anything on the cheeks, and you can be a little playful with it to find something that suits your face shape.


Think like Wolverine and go for something a little less maintained in your sideburns. These work well with a beard or none, but they will take some commitment to grow. Once you have them, they don’t require much maintenance and they’ll last for years provided you trim them up.

Most popular beard and mustache styles

Full Beard

This one is fairly self-explanatory and it allows you to just go with the flow and let it all grow out. A full beard doesn’t need much maintenance except for a trim now and then, but it can be quite hard to achieve for those who normally have patchy growth. This look was once reserved for bikers but it’s now received a modern reprisal that makes it more popular than ever.

The Mustache

No beard talk would be complete without an addition from the mustache, and there are so many great varieties now available to try. Everything from the simple m ustache to the more extravagant handlebar has all come back into style, and it takes less effort to grow than a full beard. These are ideal for those who have trouble getting all areas to grow in too.

Getting The Look

When you’ve decided on the right beard look for you and need to execute it, be sure to take the time and effort to really get it right.

Good beard and mustache styles

Use everything designed for men to promote hair growth, exfoliate skin, and condition the area with a good aftershave each time you get out the razor. Taking the time now to perfect your beard will lea ve you with enviable facial hair that makes you feel great about yourself.

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