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You can’t take more than a few steps in London these days, without bumping into a gent sporting a gloriously full beard. Beards have become the latest must have accessory and it doesn’t look like the trend is going anywhere anytime soon. With the temperatures dropping, now is the perfect time to experiment with some facial fuzz. Beards come in many shapes and forms but the key to nailing the trend is keeping it coiffed. Below are a couple of styles that are perfect for beard novices.

This is a great starter beard for novices at it is low commitment and gives you an idea of what your full beard could look like. Just resist your razor for a day or two and allow your fuzz to grow in. This is a cool look for young men but best avoided by those working in a professional environment.

ichard Ayoade Does Polished Stubble

Latest beard style 2012

This is like the ‘A Little Scruff’ look but much tidier, perfect for professional working environment. To get the polished look, add a little more shape by cleaning up the edges and trimming errant hairs. Keep your stubble tidy with the Wahl Stubble Trimmer which is £24.99 and available in larger branches of Boots.

This style is perfect for dapper gents who are looking to nod at the trend. To get this look, grow out your stubble to a healthy length and head to a barbers’ to get it shaped. You can keep it tidy at the barbers or you can do it at home with a trimmer. If you are prone to fluffing or flyaways, give your goatee some hold with Captain Fawcett’s Sandalwood Moustache Wax which is available at

Go full throttle into the trend with a rich full beard. Getting the look requires minimal effort, just grow your beard until it’s nice and full. Avoid looking unkempt by combing it and getting regular trims. You need to ensure you take good care of your beard and the skin underneath. You can do so with the Murdock London Beard Moisturiser which is available at Mankind.

Latest beard moustache styles

This style is definitely one for risk takers. The bleach blonde look is daring and is the perfect accessory for fashion forward gents. This looks best teamed with the ‘Polished Stubble’ look. Get this done at a professional salon as the skin on your face is delicate and you’re at risk of chemical burns if done improperly.

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