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We will take a look at the most popular beard styles. Most popular beard styles.

We have all noticed that beards seem to be really trending in recent years and are becoming more popular among men of all ages.

No matter if you have just started your journey of growing a beard or if you are a seasoned beard bro just looking for a change, this post will help you decide what’,s right for you!

Knowing what beard style to pick and grow is often a tricky thing. There are many different styles but it is essential you understand what things are important to look for to ensure you pick the right style for you.

Everyones facial hears grows differently and the shape of your face often matches best with one specific style. Styles that might look good on other people wont necessarily look good on you.

Below we have broke it down into 10 popular different styles that fit different shapes to help you find and achieve the perfect beard style for you.

The Boss

The boss is a fantastic beard shape. It will take some time to grow but is reasonably easy to maintain and will definitely result in beard envy among your bro’s.

Method: The boss generally starts with fading sideburns that grow into a full beard.

You have to make sure you maintain your sideburns by trimming them on the outside edge.

This style is simple and looks great, but does require attention and the right maintenance!


The Bandholz is a rather impressive beard and surely will require a lot of patience and commitment to grow. Consequently, the end result is amazing.

Time to grow: Circa 6 months

Shape: Diamond, Oval and Triangle face shapes.

Most popular beard styles

Method: This method takes dedication and self control, you have to let you beard grow in fully and resist the urge to trim!

Once the desired length is achieved (15/20 cm) you trim to your liking and maintain


The Uniform is not the longest beard but looks great. This chin length beard is uniform in length throughout and is great for the working professional.

Shape: Round Oval and Square

Method: Uniform is not hard to maintain, ensure you trim your beard (generally not past 2 inches ) and maintain the same length throughout. Trim you moustache the same length to give a nice even look.

This specific style works well for someone who requires professionalism at work.

Razors edge

Razors edge is a specific look that has seem to be trending recently and we can all see why.

It will take work and determination to grow and maintain, but the end result looks fantastic.

Method: Fade in you sideburns and trim down beard to uniform length (roughly 2 inches).

All clean lines around the beard and ensure you leave you’,re moustache at length and slightly curled at the ends.

This clean style long beard is truly impressive and guaranteed to catch people eyes.


The Polished beard look is one that although it is a full wild beard, it has a really polished look and when maintained right will look very impressive.

Most popular facial hair styles 2012

Method: Allow your beard to grow out fully whilst trimming it on bottom and sides. When the right length is reached, ensure you keep it uniformed by trimming your beard a few times a week. Most of all, you want a neat and overall uniformed look throughout and your sides and bottom trimmed.

The Faded beard look is a great shape that is really common and increasingly popular. It has a rather edgy look to it with its faded side burns and curled moustache!

Method: The main beard should be grown to about 3 inches below your chin, cut/trim it to look square from the front. Once you have achieved the right length give it a flat line trim. Let your sideburns fade nicely into your beard.

Short &, Tapered

Short and Tapered is one of the easier beard styles to achieve and maintain, but looks great when done right.

Method: Make sure you keep your beard trimmed short and clear cut lines at the edges to for definition, there should be almost no sideburn to almost halfway down your cheek where you seamlessly blend it in with the rest of your beard. Let your moustache blend in with the rest of your beard. A soul patch is optional, but can give it a fuller look. Let the hair grow just past your chin and trim it in a rounded point.

Short &, Textured

A Short and Textured beard gives you a nice full looking beard whilst it’,s easy to maintain and grow.

Method: Keep you beard trimmed short at the edges and let your sideburns grown into your beard. Keep your hair on the cheek trimmed short and let the length increase when you get closer to the cheek. Let your moustache and soul patch be the same length as the rest of your beard. Don’,t worry to much about sharp edges along your cheek.

As a result, your beard will have a nice full look and texture.

Bold &, Thick

The Bold and Thick look is a very popular choice with a lot of men and everyone can see why.

It doesn’,t matter what setting you are in because this style will make sure you always look well groomed and smart!

Method: Let your sideburns grow into your beard and trim it all to be the same length throughout! Your sideburn should be angled straight down at the top and slightly curve until it you reach the soul patch. Make sure your soul patch is trimmed as well as your moustache. Your moustache should be growing down in a thin line where it connect with the rest of your beard at the corner of your mouth.

The thin beard is one of the easiest to maintain and doesn’,t take long to grow, but still looks very sophisticated.

Most popular beard styles 2014

Method: Make sure you keep you beard trimmed to the same length throughout, let your sideburns come straight down and blend in to the rest of your beard (keep the sideburns thin).

Make sure your moustache is also trimmed thin and have a thin line running down the side of your mouth so meet the rest of the beard. This will give you a very clean and sharp appearance and is a great look for any occasion.

Full beard

A full beard is a very common style and popular for its simplicity and great look!

Method: Easy to grow trim your sideburns on the sides and let it fade in with the rest of your beard. You don’,t have to worry about defining edges along the cheek, just trim them so they are visible but you still maintain that “rough” look. let your beard grow slightly longer past the chin than the rest and keep you moustache at the same length. Your moustache should be connected to your beard at the corners of your mouth.

Short Beard with Moustache

The short beard with moustache look has been a popular look for decades, if not centuries and when done right it looks very dashing!

Method: You want to make sure your beard is not too high on your cheek, so trim it down to almost your jawbone. This is a short beard style so make sure you keep it trimmed.

Let your sideburns grow into your beard and keep it all at the same length!

Your moustache should be long and the ends twisted into a point facing upward (see picture)

Let your soul patch grow out and blend in with the rest of your beard.

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