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Now that you have the hard part out of the way and you have grown a beard, it’,s time to give it some style. Sure, you can let it grow and hope for the best, but like the hair on your head, your beard deserves style too. You have seen some beard styles on the street, but what is the best style for you? Styles of beard.

It is a question every bearded man will face, and to be honest, it is a bit of trial and error to find the right fit. Today we take a look at five of the best beard styles, giving you a look at a selection of stylish looks. While not every style will fit every face, there is something for everyone. Have a look at the five best beard styles for 2016 below and give it some shape!

This full, big, and impressive beard style was made famous by Eric Bandholz. This impressive style features brilliant form and a full thickness. The Bandholz requires patience, but the key is to let it grow. You will want to let your facial hair grow for a few months before doing any shaping and cutting. Then you can style and shape as needed or desires. This is a nice, thick, brilliant beard for any face shape.

Kinds of beard styles

The full beard is your classic, typical beard, and depends a lot on your genetics. The Full Beard is straightforward and efficient, and easy to keep groomed and clean. Once your facial hair has reached medium stubble, start shaping with a razor. Expect about six weeks of growing and developing to achieve this full, brilliant look. A full beard is a great beard!

This beard style is perfect for those of you who want a full, long, big beard without the hassle of the length. This is ideal for the oval and rectangular faced man and doesn’,t take much to take care. Let your beard grow for a few months. You will trip and shape the lower area from time to time to make it look round, while the mustache’s length should be kept under control. Style goes a long way, even on your face!

Styles of beard shaving

This beard is simple, easy and efficient. It offers a clean look for those of you who do not want a big, full, long beard. While they do require a bit more care and constant shaping, a sharp short boxed beard is good for the office or the night out, and good for nearly any face. Box it up and upgrade your beard style!

This eye-catching and classic look is essentially a full beard, a Garibaldi or a bandholz without the mustache. This is a stylish look, and perfect for those looking to stand out in the crowd. Easy to grow and even easier to take care of, the only concern is keeping that mustache trimmed down. Unique and bold, what more do you need?

Best styles of beard

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