Styles of keeping beard. Beard Blade Dev Log — April Dev Update #1

Hey everyone! It&rsquo,s been awhile, but we&rsquo,re back with a lot to share! We&rsquo,ve got some regular updates planned for the coming weeks highlighting some of the things we&rsquo,ve been working on for the past few months. We have a lot we want to show, but we&rsquo,ll be breaking down the content into smaller digestible bits throughout the next few weeks. Let&rsquo,s get started with a bit of a refresher: Styles of beard.

Above is good ol&rsquo, Beard Blade himself, hacking away at&hellip, well, nothing, but you get the idea. You&rsquo,ve probably seen him attack like this in many of our previous posts. But this isn&rsquo,t all Beard Blade can do - this is the Basic Beard. This new label for his appearance comes from having new Beard Styles! Beard Styles are our world&rsquo,s power-ups, and can change the way you will play. Let&rsquo,s take a look at the first new Beard Style:

It&rsquo,s the Block Beard! Notice the visual change in Beard Blade&rsquo,s hair and beard, as well as the color of his cape and tunic - this will be true of each different Beard Style! Crash down on your foes with a mighty force and protect yourself from certain attacks! The Block Beard can pound and break through barriers and blocks that other Beard Styles cannot. Block Beard is stronger than the Basic Beard, but the range of attack is weaker.

The differences will not always be solely about a change in his attack style. Beard Blade always has a secondary jump, and can grab/throw enemies or objects - these abilities may also change depending on the Beard Style.

Styles of beard cuts

But where do these powerful new Beard Styles come from? This guy probably has something to do with it&hellip,

More on him in a later update! We have one more thing to touch on for this week: the village!

This is, as the rest of the update, only just a peek, but we&rsquo,ve begun working on an unnamed village for you to visit in Beard Blade. This will be home to shops, interesting characters, and side quests. We&rsquo,ll show more about the village next update as well as some of the characters that inhabit it!

Styles of beard shaving

Just to name a few more things, we&rsquo,ve spent a lot of time working on bug fixes and redoing how some things work, as well as implementing UI and menu things. We&rsquo,ll likely have an update solely about UI/menus if anyone is interested.

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