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Sunnah Pack

Our very own Muslim Box Co. branded Beard Care Kit! For all the beard enthusiasts out there who are either starting to grow a beard or have decided it's time to get rid of that dry beard, make it silky soft and non-itchy. Beard Oil is designed to help provide the essential vitamins your beard needs to thrive, whilst helping to reduce any itching that may be present by softening and hydrating the beard Best islamic beard styles.

Our 30ml 'Leader' Beard Oil - The same beard oil recipe we use for our beard oil in the Sunnah Box. Our Moroccan Argan Oil and Sweet Almond Oil blend with a masculine fragrance adds a delightful aroma to a well kept beard.

Folding Comb - Pocket sized and ideal for keeping the beard neat and tidy and the hair on point. An essential item to add to your grooming tools

Travel pouch - Keep your Beard Oil and Comb organised in this rustic drawstring pouch. Ideal for travel and making sure you can look after your beard on-the-go.

Az-Zaman - Arabic Numeral Watch (Pre-Order)

This minimalist Arabic numeral watch is designed perfectly for men or women looking to express their identity in style.

Looking for the perfect gift? What could be better than the timeless Az-Zaman watch. Exuding elegance, setting the benchmark for refinement and pushing boundaries in eloquence.

Water resistance depth: 3Bar

My Prophet Box

The perfect gift for the most lovely people, mothers!

My Prophet Box is the ideal introduction for the little ones to the stories, morals and manners of the best of people, the Prophets! Wonderfully packaged in a premium, magnetic box and a lovely ribbon tie. This gift is sure to let her know that you care.

Best muslim beard styles

Bursting with toys, custom made games and educational books to read alone with, My Prophet Box will excite both parents and children. The gift box contains:

Baby pink/baby blue keepsake box (includes pink ribbon and pink tissue paper)

Pink/blue themed name label sticker

Deluxe, custom designed activity pack (2 X colouring in activities, 1 X prophets crossword, 1 X maze activity, 1 X sheep bookmark activity (includes coloured lollipop stick and adhesive sticky pads)

Six mini colouring pencils for activity pack

The Prophets in the Quran Poster - 25 prophets mentioned (A3 size)

Uniquely sourced plush camel soft toy (32cm long)

4 exciting Prophet story books: the story of prophet Muhammad in Mecca, the story of prophet Muhammad in MADINA, the story of prophet Adam, the story of prophet Ibrahim

Best muslim beard styles

Tea Around the World - 3 Piece Art Gift set

International Coffee Time - 3 Piece Art Gift set

Qur’anic Cures Art - 3 Piece Art Gift set

Bring the vibrance of natural cures into your home with these art prints in frames.

This set of three art prints are inspired by some of the pure foods mentioned by Allah in the Qur’an. Perfect to hang in the kitchen!

Printed on FSC-certified, 100% recycled board.

Each print measures 203x203mm (8″x8″).

12" x 12" White Frames included.

Beard Box

The ULTIMATE when it comes to beard care gifts from MBCO. packed in a handsomely handmade, stylishly rustic wooden storage box!

For all those who love to look good and take great care of their beard, owning beard care tools is ESSENTIAL to their daily life. Beard Box sets you up with high quality tools which would sit elegantly on the shelf of the beard owner.

XL Leader Beard Oil (50ml) - No more running out of beard oil within a few days, with this long lasting 50ml bottle of our 100% natural and halal Leader beard oil, your beard will thank you for taking great care in what you apply to your beard and how often you do it. Our powerful blend of ingredients contained in argan oil and sweet almond oil are a delightful way to treat your beard how it deserves to be treated.

Best muslim beard styles

Leader Beard Balm (30ml) - It wouldn't hurt to go the extra mile with our Leader beard balm, containing the same beneficial ingredients in our Leader beard oil, with the addition of smooth shea butter and natural beeswax. This will help prevent your beard being messy and is a great way to keep the beard hydrated.

Alcohol-free Attar (10ml) - Sourced from the finest suppliers of alcohol-free attar, this is a safe way to apply a lasting aroma to your beard. You can rest assured that your beard can smell nice without having to worry about harmful chemicals being applied to your beard, contained in other products.

Premium Kent Comb - Handmade and high in quality, this premium comb provides your beard and hair with non-scratch treatment and a pleasant brushing experience.

Japanese Steel Grooming Scissors - Made with real Japanese steel, these professional grooming scissors will be a long lasting tool in your man cabinet and a fine addition to your grooming life. Very sharp and effective and a pleasure to work with.

Handmade Rustic Storage Box / Cabinet - All stored in a handsomely handmade rustic storage box. The best part is.. you can choose how you use it! whether you want to use it as a neat storage box to keep all your items in or as a cabinet to be placed on a shelf or even on the wall.

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